The reason for establishing the Tuition College was to advocate the notion that quality education is a right for every member of society. We at the Tuition College believe that one way to achieve this is through supplementary tuition. The Tuition College was created to provide quality and affordable supplementary private tuition for all children – no matter what socio-economic background they come from. As a result, we have seen most of our students (who are from differing backgrounds) pass exams for many of the most prestigious grammar schools in the U.K.

The Tuition College has also found that the alarmingly large disparity of GCSE and A level results between state schools and Grammar schools are totally unacceptable. The state sector is generally going through a crisis at present and results in Manchester are some of the worst in England. There are many reasons for this crisis but we feel that students who want to learn can flourish and achieve their potential without the shackles imposed upon them by external influences. This can be achieved by being in an environment that nurtures and induces hard work as well as creativity to blossom. We have been able to achieve this at the Tuition College by instilling various mechanisms of success such as: Employing positive, professional and motivating tutors; by having very small class sizes, this gives increased focus on the individual needs of the student; the monitoring system in place gives us an up to date assessment and progress of every student.