How much do the lessons cost?

Based on a group of normally 6 in a class:

Primary level upto and including year 6 is £15/hr.

Secondary level upto and including year 11 is £18/hr.

A level fees are dependent on the number of students and 1-1 would be about £35/hour depending on the subject.

These figures are revised periodically and fees are paid in advance.

So what is your Pass rate?

After 26 years we can honestly say our pass rate is close to 100% !

The reason for this is that we have established a methodology that is unique and it works. Also we work very closely with parents and students to help our students reach their maximum potential.

How many children are there in a class?

Typically 6 for normal classes.

For Courses, this increases. For such courses we normally reduce the hourly rate too.

Are there any packages available?

Packages are available which bring down the cost per lesson. Details are given on the first visit.

How many hours does my child need?

Normally for year 4 students, 2hrs/week is sufficient.

For year 5 students, 4hrs/week is sufficient in preparation for the 11+ (like Altrincham Grammar School) and Independent grammar school exams, like Manchester Grammar School.

For other years, normally 2hrs/week per topic is sufficient, but is subject to need.

Which days do you teach?

Both during Term time and holidays, we have lessons from Saturday to Thursday. At the moment Fridays the College is closed.

When do you teach?

After school, Weekends and during Holidays.

How much will the Assessment cost and what is the purpose of it?

The Assessment costs  £30. The assessment tells us what level the student is currently at. This enables us to put the student in a class relative to their standard and ability.

I want my son to go to Manchester Grammar School/Withington Girls School?

The course that all primary school children follow is aimed at passing the Manchester Grammar school entrance exam. The standard and syllabus for Withington Girls school is similar-very high indeed!

Will you be able to send anybody to my house?

After 26 years of experience of both home tutoring and ‘centre based’ tuition, we do not offer home tuition any more. However, this may change in the future.

I can’t afford your fees, can you give a discount?

Our fees are extremely competitive in comparison to other tutors and tutorial centres, who offer a similar standard of service.

We do operate a ‘Fast Track’ system of learning, so that our students acquire the maximum amount of knowledge in the minimum time-saving parents a significant amount of money.

Can you guarantee my child will get to a Grammar School?

No one can guarantee that, as children can under-perform during an exam for many reasons. Also it is possible that your child passes the exam for a school but it is over-subscribed, so is unable to offer your child a place.

It is also possible that your child passes the exam of an Independent fee-paying school, but you are unable to afford the fees.

However, as we have stated above, we have an almost 100% success rate for children passing the exam of at least one grammar school in Trafford, Stockport or Manchester. So, as long as your child is at least of average ability, is reasonably motivated and parents ensure homeworks are completed, then chances of success are very high

Have many of your students been given Bursaries to attend Independent grammar schools like Manchester Grammar school?

Every year for the past 26 years we have had students from low income backgrounds entering these top grammar schools with partial of Full Bursaries

My child has learning difficulties/special educational needs, do you cater for him/her?

At present, we do not offer classes for children with special educational needs, however it is something we will be hopefully providing soon.

How can you ensure my child will be safe?

All staff (employees or tutors) working at the Tuition College are fully vetted and have to provide evidence of a DBS check and references. In addition to this, all tutors are fully qualified and highly experienced and have taught or are teaching in a school

Also, to further enhance standards and to protect both teachers and pupils we have installed CCTV and a comprehensive intercom system

How will I know my child is progressing?

The Tuition College has a structured and comprehensive monitoring procedure in place to ensure standards are maintained and it also gives parents peace of mind that their child is progressing. The monitoring procedure consists of the following:

Regular testing of topics covered.

Homework being set every week and continually monitored.

Regular parents evenings for all students to assess their progress.

If any student is not progressing as expected, then parents are alerted immediately to rectify the situation.

What if my child misses a lesson?

They can attend a ‘catch up’ class in the same week.

If this is not possible then at the moment our policy is not to charge for missed classes.