Our Philosophy

To combine the intensity of expert private tuition with the professionalism of a top-end Prep or Grammar school.

We achieve this by operating a Fast Track System to teach our students the maximum knowledge in the minimum time- all in a deeply conscientious, moral and ethical environment.

Our Record

Almost 100% pass rate in 26 years of operation.

What you can expect from us

Total professionalism, honesty and transparency.

We will employ the best teachers who will use the latest methodology and equipment to help your child achieve his/her objective. Homeworks will be set and marked regularly with appropriate feedback.

If your child cannot meet your expectations for whatever reason, we’ll tell you at the earliest

What we can expect from you as a parent/guardian

To bring your child regularly and punctually. To ensure all homeworks have been completed. To pay the full fees as agreed and never to fall into arrears.

What we expect from our students

To attend regularly and punctually. To pay attention in class. To alert the teacher the moment they don’t understand any part of the lesson. To attend class with all that is required for the lesson, including stationery,writing pads, books etc. To apply maximum effort to complete all the homeworks to a high standard, set for each subject.